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(W. Cave Creek & E. Desert Hills)











The Daisy Mountain Fire District is requesting competitive sealed proposals from qualified firms to furnish CMAR services for the New Fire Station #144. Click here for more information.



With the increasing 911 emergency response requirements, Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical (DMFM) is planning an additional fire station to meet the critical needs of our community. DMFM has acquired property located at 2402 E. Cloud Rd. within the Desert Hills & Cave Creek areas. This fire station will help reduce emergency response times for residents within this response area in the event of an emergency.

As we move forward with this critical project, we will keep residents updated with information and progress along with encouraging the input of our community members to help our department protect what you love.


See below for more information about Annexation and whether or not your property is covered by the Daisy Mountain Fire District.

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Annexation Information


The Daisy Mountain Fire and Medical District was formed in 1989 by a group of concerned citizens that strived to bring emergency services to our community. The District is funded primarily by property taxes regulated by Maricopa County and managed by community elected Fire Board representatives. Throughout the years, Daisy Mountain has grown into an organization that covers 200 square miles and provides services to the communities of Anthem, Black Canyon City, Cave Creek, Desert Hills, and New River with over 100 professional firefighters and EMS personnel.


Services include:


  • Structural Fire Protection.

  • Emergency Medical / Paramedic Response.

  • Ambulance Transport (Regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services and covered by most health insurance companies).

  • Brush Fire Protection.

  • Hazardous Materials & Technical Rescue Response.

  • Automatic Aid Response. This is a partnership with 28 other Valley agencies, combining resources and training to optimize service to the community.

  • And so much more...


Unincorporated county areas within our Fire District that are not currently part of the district may be subject to service fees associated with the type of emergencies encountered. On March 26th, 2018, the elected Fire Board of the Daisy Mountain Fire and Medical District voted in favor of Resolution 360. This is a service fee structure, for customers not currently a part of the Fire District. To avoid these fees along with homeowners insurance challenges and high premiums, we would like to give the opportunity for property owners to annex into the Fire District.


Click here to view Fee Schedule for Out Of District Services





Fire District Taxes are assessed and collected by the county as part of your property tax.

Your property assessment and tax information can be found at

Click here to view our Fire District tax estimate worksheet

How do I calculate my estimated Annual Fire District Tax?


Unsure if your property is annexed within the Daisy Mountain Fire District? Below you can find a map of parcels currently not subscribed to service by Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical.


Click here to view Daisy Mountain Fire District Area Maps


Click here to download a Boundary Change Request Form

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