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Schedule A Ride-Along

Observer Program



Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical’s Observer Program was created to acquaint the citizens of the fire district with a better understanding of the job of a firefighter. An effective ride-along program can serve to enhance the public relations, as well as encourage individuals pursuing a career in the fire service or interest in what an average shift look likes for a firefighter.


In order to participate in our Observer Program you must be 18 years of age or older. You must obtain permission from the company officer, who will be overseeing you during your ride-along. Once you are granted permission from the on-duty Battalion Chief, you must fill out and sign a "Waiver of Liability" and provide a photo I.D.


Observers are to be dressed in a manner that will not be detrimental to the image of Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical, any dress or clothing deemed inappropriate by the crew or company officer will not be allowed. Company officers are responsible for all individuals at, in, and/or around department property, and reserve the right to terminate an observers ride-along if the "rider's behavior or clothing" is deemed inappropriate. Safety is the number one priority for everyone with Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical. Therefore, shorts, opened toed shoes, or other apparel considered to constitute a safety hazard will not be permitted.


Among the points to remember during your ride along:


  • A company officer may refuse to authorize an observer on his or her duty day.

  • Observers will not be allowed to ride past 2300 hours.

  • Observers are not allowed to be involved in operations.



Any ride along needs to be arranged directly with the officer of the crew on the day you wish to ride along. Contact Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical Administration office at 623-465-7400 during normal business hours for assistance in coordinating with the correct Battalion Chief.


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