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A red banner with the text "CPR PROGRAM" in bold white letters.
An ad for CPR certification and first aid training by Daisy Mountain Fire and Medical, with an image of a CPR manikin and AED.

NEW CPR Classes on July 29th and August 19th at Daisy Mountain FD Station 145:



CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is beneficial for the public to know for several reasons:
1. **Immediate Response**: CPR can be administered right away in emergencies such as cardiac arrest, buying crucial time until professional help arrives.
2. **Life-Saving**: It can significantly increase the chances of survival for someone experiencing cardiac arrest by maintaining blood flow and oxygenation to vital organs.
3. **Community Resilience**: When more people know CPR, communities become more resilient to sudden cardiac emergencies, increasing overall safety.
4. **Empowerment**: Learning CPR empowers individuals to take action in emergencies, potentially saving the life of a loved one, friend, or even a stranger.
Overall, CPR is a critical skill that equips individuals to respond effectively to cardiac emergencies, making communities safer and potentially saving lives.


IN ARIZONA: Good Samaritan laws offer protection to someone who attempts to help a person in distress. It provides legal immunity from liability for damages arising from the assistance given, as long as it is done in good faith and without negligence.

‍The Good Samaritan law typically does not protect individuals from liability in cases of gross negligence or intentional misconduct. While it provides legal immunity for reasonable actions taken to assist in an emergency, it does not shield against actions that go beyond ordinary negligence or involve deliberate harm.

Come join us in July for our free class, or sign up for the CPR certification class in August. We hope to see you there!

For the Free HANDS ONLY CPR July 29th sign up Click Here

For the CPR August 19th sign up Click Here

A red and white sign with the words "CARSEAT PROGRAM" displayed on it.



A flyer for a child car seat safety event with a fire truck and a car seat. Date: July 27, 2024.

July 27th, 2024 CAVE CREEK Car Seat Event

We are hosting a Car Seat event in the CAVE CREEK area. Refer to flyer above for details about the inspection event:

Proper car seat installation is crucial for ensuring the safety of young passengers in vehicles. A correctly installed car seat significantly reduces the risk of injury or death in the event of a crash by securely restraining the child and absorbing impact forces. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), car seats can decrease the risk of fatal injury by 71% for infants and 54% for toddlers. Incorrect installation, however, can render even the best car seats ineffective. This highlights the importance of adhering to manufacturer guidelines and seeking assistance if needed to ensure the car seat is firmly secured and correctly positioned.

Beyond just following installation instructions, regular checks and adjustments are essential as children grow and as car seats may shift over time. Factors such as the transition from rear-facing to forward-facing positions, or adjustments for a child's height and weight, necessitate periodic reassessment of the seat's fit and installation. Many community resources, including certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians, offer free inspections and guidance to help parents and caregivers ensure optimal car seat safety. Proper installation not only complies with legal requirements but more importantly, it provides peace of mind that children are traveling as safely as possible.

Click Here to sign up for Car Seat Installation

Or for further information you can call 623-465-7400 ext. 411  


A red and white graphic with the text "WATER SAFETY PROGRAM".


A safety poster with text and graphics warning to watch kids around water during celebrations to prevent drowning tragedies.

Don't forget these Water Safety Tips this Summer

With all the celebrations coming up, lots of people will be out for a great time. It’s easy to get distracted as well. These are the celebrations where the memories can last a lifetime.

Here are some water safety tips that will make the 4th of July fun.


1. Establish rules for everyone to obey, NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. Assign a quality water watcher around water.

3. Be cautious around community lakes and ponds.

4. Life vests are vital when boating, especially with children.

5. Never swim behind an idling boat, it emits carbon monoxide that will put your life in danger.

6. Learn CPR, you never know when you’re going to need it.

7. When watching fireworks, make sure no one sneaks back in the pool.


These are just a few safety tips that can make big differences. Let’s celebrate responsibly and always remember Realize, Real Eyes, Saves Lives!

For more information Click the link:


Red and white "WILDLAND PROGRAM" sign with a pointed shape.

Brush Fire Season is here. Here are a few ways to keep your home safe during the hot summer months:

An infographic on being "Firewise," showing a home with tips on reducing wildfire risk, like vegetation management and maintaining clean surroundings.
A checklist of fire prevention steps for homes, including cleaning gutters and repairing roofs.

Protecting your home from brush fires is vital to safeguard your property, your family, and your peace of mind. Brush fires can spread rapidly, especially in areas with dry vegetation or during hot and windy conditions, posing a significant threat to homes located near wildlands or open fields. Implementing protective measures like clearing flammable vegetation, creating defensible space around your property, and using fire-resistant building materials can greatly reduce the risk of fire damage. Ensuring proper fire breaks, maintaining clean gutters and roofs, and having a well-thought-out evacuation plan can not only help protect your home but also provide critical time for emergency responders to act. Being proactive in fire prevention and preparedness can make a significant difference in minimizing the impact of a brush fire, ultimately preserving lives and properties.

As part of the Daisy Mountain Wildland Division, we understand the importance of safety during the upcoming summer wildfire season. We want to make sure you become FIREWISE this summer. For more information on how to protect your home you can visit:

Or Go over this Home Ignition Zone Checklist and prepare yourself from the threat of brush fires this season. Remember preperation is key.


A red and black pennant with the text "CERT PROGRAM".
People in hard hats and vests practice medical emergency response, with "CERT TRAINING" text overlay.

New Cert Class starting August 23rd:

What is CERT:

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program trains volunteers to help their communities prepare for and respond to disasters. CERT programs are located in all 50 states, U.S. territories, and many tribal nations, and have trained over 600,000 people since becoming a national program.

The Cert program is a great way to give back and be involved in your local community.

It"s a FREE community-based volunteer program developed by FEMA.

Upon Completion of the 20 hour class, you will be qualified to participate in a CERT Volunteer Team.

(Future CERT participation is encouraged but NOT required.)

Click here to see how you can become a volunteer with Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical Citizen Corps Programs


All Classes are held at Station 145:

1120 W. Desert Hills Dr.

A red and white banner with the text "FALL PREVENTION PROGRAM."


An elderly woman on the floor with a cane, possibly after a fall, in a black and white photo.

Proactive Fall Injury Prevention: A Lifesaving Initiative by the Daisy Mountain Fire Department

Preventing fall injuries is crucial as falls can drastically alter a person's life, leading to severe consequences such as fractures, loss of mobility, and a decline in overall health and independence. A fall can result in lengthy hospital stays, costly medical bills, and a prolonged recovery period that affects not only the individual but their family and caregivers as well. Recognizing the significant impact of falls, the Daisy Mountain Fire Department is committed to proactive measures to help prevent this common emergency. By offering educational programs, conducting home safety assessments, and collaborating with community partners, the department aims to reduce fall risks and promote safer environments for all residents. Their dedication to fall prevention reflects a broader mission to enhance community well-being and ensure that everyone can live safely and confidently in their homes.

Daisy Mountain and Honor Health Deer Valley Partner to Launch Nationally Accredited Fall Injury Prevention Program

This vital fall prevention program is led by certified instructor and RN Becky Jones, who utilizes evidence-based strategies to enhance safety and reduce fall risks. The program incorporates exercise, stretching, strength training, and hazard removal to improve participants' stability and environment. Currently, volunteer residents at Merrill Gardens Senior Living Center are concluding their program on July 3rd, with a new session starting in August. Details about the upcoming class will be provided closer to the start date. The program aims to expand to the Enclave Assisted Living Center in the near future. If you have loved ones at home or in local senior care facilities in Anthem, you can fill out information online to receive updates about this valuable program and other fall injury prevention efforts.

For more information click the link below: 


A red and white banner with the text "CHARITIES PROGRAM".
An invitation to "IGNITE THE NIGHT" event on August 10th, 2024, with a QR code for more info.




Each year we come together for one night to recognize members and partnerships for their outstanding service while friends and families unite to raise money for our charity. We recognize those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. We hold a raffle for items generously donated by local businesses. The money raised is used to help people in need within the community.

If you are interested in joining us at our upcoming Charities event scan the QR code or Click Here

Ignite the Night Sponsership Tiers are Live!

We invite you to become a sponsor of the annual Ignite the Night Charity Dinner. This annual event provides an excellent opportunity for your company to demonstrate its support of the community.

CLICK HERE for more information.


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