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Fire Corps

Since its start in 2004, Fire Corps® is a national grassroots effort to help fire/EMS departments enhance their services by engaging with community members to assist with non-emergency tasks. Whether they are conducting fire prevention and life safety education, installing smoke alarms, writing grants, managing a department’s social media, or a myriad of other activities, community volunteers can make a real difference. Utilizing community support helps departments increase their capacity and allows first responders to focus on operational duties, training, and emergencies.

Fire Corps has helped fire and EMS departments in 49 states to build more capacity by engaging community volunteers to assist in a variety of non-emergency roles. 

In 2004, Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical (DMFM) formed its own Fire Corps, operating under the umbrella of Citizen Corps.

These community volunteers can make a real difference for their local department, both by expanding the services a department can offer and by enabling first responders to focus more on training and response activities. Fire Corps is a partner program under the Citizen Corps initiative and is funded through the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Become A Volunteer

Thank you for your interest i​​n the Fire Corps Program.

DMFM Citizen Corps has established the following process to ensure a candidate is the best fit, committed to our mission, and will make a positive impact on the organization as well as the communities we support.

Individual(s) who haven’t completed a 20-hour Basic CERT (G-317) course before being accepted as an Affiliated CERT Volunteer, will be expected to complete the next class and can only volunteer in a limited capacity until CERT training is completed.

Minimum age: 18

Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical Citizen Corps Volunteer Process: 

Volunteer Application.pdf
  1.    Complete and Submit a Volunteer Application
  2.     Volunteer Interview
  3.     Background Check 
  4.     Complete and Submit the Welcome Packet
  5.     Hep B Vaccination Packet
  6.    Complete the Required Training
  7.     Current Arizona Driver’s License combined with a 39-month driving record
  8.     Current CPR-AED-FirstAid card ( Offered free of charge to all volunteers)

In order to join fill out your Volunteer application, then save it and send it via e-mail to:

Pony Express Mail to:

      Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical

      Attn:Citizen Corps

      41018 N. Daisy Mountain Dr.

      Anthem, AZ 85086

      Questions? Call 623-465-7400 ext. 341

Fingerprints (HR)

             Note: (Must complete a Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical background check)

Required Training

New Volunteers and Current Volunteers must complete these training courses prior to and annually to maintain affiliation with the DMFMCC programs. 

  • Discrimination & Harassment Prevention Training
  • Citizen Corps Driver's Training
  • Infectious Disease & Bloodborne Pathogens Training
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Training
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • CPR, AED and Basic First Aid 
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