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Information for Requesting Records of Deceased Patients

Under A.R.S. 12-2294, DMFM may release the medical records or billing records of a deceased patient to the patient's health care decision maker, or to an administrator or personal representative of the deceased patient's estate. 

If none of the above have been appointed, the records may be released to the following persons in the order of priority:

  1. The deceased patient's spouse, unless legally separated at the time of death
  2. The acting trustee of a trust created by the deceased patient
  3. An adult child of the deceased patient
  4. An adult sibling of the deceased patient
  5. A guardian or conservator of the deceased patient at the time of death

To request the medical records of a deceased patient, please complete the medical records request form at the link below.  The form also contains information about how to submit a copy of the death certificate. 


Medical Records Request Form


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