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Emergency Services


Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical consists of over 100 fully trained and certified firefighters, staffing six fire stations. These stations are strategically located throughout the fire district to optimize response times. The goal of DMFM is for the first fire company to arrive within five minutes of the initial dispatch.


Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical is dispatched by the Phoenix Regional Dispatch Center and is a member of the Phoenix Regional Automatic Aid System. This allows residents of our fire district to benefit from the support of over twenty contributing fire agencies in the Phoenix metropolitan area.


Emergency Medical Services

Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical provides an exemplary standard for emergency medical care. Each DMFM fire engine is staffed with four personnel, each DMFM medic unit is staffed with two personnel. Each fire engine has at least two certified emergency paramedics, as well as one paramedic on each medic unit ensuring that advanced emergency care is never far away.


DMFM is committed to maintaining the highest level of pre-hospital care possible, through continuous training and providing our EMTs and Paramedics with the latest tools and cutting-edge technology to perform their duties. It is Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical's top priority to deliver the fastest, safest, most comprehensive care to the citizens we serve.



The Daisy Mountain Fire District is made up of a unique mix of suburban and rural communities. The diversity of the area presents DMFM with an Urban Interface approach to wildfires. Each member of the Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical is trained to fight and manage wildfires.


The Daisy Mountain Wildland Division is a dynamic and highly trained group of firefighters able to be deployed nationally. These deployments allow for the wildland division members to provide assistance to communities in need while obtaining unique experience and skills to better serve our community.


Click here for more information on how to protect your home from wildfires.


Hazardous Materials Team

The Daisy Mountain Fire & Medical Hazardous Materials Team is a very specialized group of highly trained firefighters equipped to handle a vast array of emergencies.


These members attend a 200-hour Hazardous Materials Technician Course, learning a variety of skills including spill control and mitigation, decontamination, reconnaissance, research, and hands-on training with specialized tools and equipment.


DMFM is the northernmost Hazmat Team in Maricopa County and the southernmost in Yavapai County and has two significant transportation corridors, as well as critical infrastructure to protect.

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