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Special Event Permit

This notice provides the requirements of a Special Event Permit to hold temporary/special events that are located within the Daisy Mountain Fire District. The permit process was implemented to help identify when larger events are being held, to help ensure compliance to the fire code, and improve the safety of these events within the district. This process includes requiring an operational permit and site inspection for the larger events that are held within our fire district. 

Examples of Special Events:

Block PartiesGrand Openings
CeremoniesPromotional events in parking lots
Exhibitions or ShowsRallies
FestivalsSports Tournaments

The event permit fee ranges from $100.00 to $250.00 per event and will include a fire safety site inspection. When the event permit is requested, DMFD will need to review any required documents pertaining to the event such as: a site plan, the event details with an estimated number of participants, any event safety plan, and an event staff contact list. Food Vendors or Food Court locations, location and layout of temporary tents, canopies and temporary buildings (which may require additional permits depending on the size and type). 

An application for the permit can be filed online or in person. Once a permit has been issued, a billing invoice will be generated and will be mailed out to the business or it can be paid for at our administrative office.


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